Meet the Team.

Ernie & Fiona Padaon

Ernie & Fiona Padaon - Photographers/Videographers/Adventure Seekers

We are Ernie & Fiona Padaon, the owners of Ernie & Fiona Photography. We would love to capture your wedding for you! We have been married since 2009 and have 3 little ones running around that will likely be joining this team at some point. Until then, they make amazing models in front of the camera. 

If you are not laughing around us, then we likely are not doing our jobs right. We want you to have an experience of a lifetime and have that translate into our images and videos. You are in great hands with anyone on our team. 


Our mission is to tell your unique love story through photo and video that can be passed down from generation to generation, so that your love story will live on forever.


Our vision is to create breathtaking WOW moments while leading the way in the future of story telling.


Jason Padaon - Videographer

The little brother. If the music is going, then he likely will want to be on the dance floor with you (getting video of course). Always laughing and always having a good time. 


Jordan McHenry - Videographer

The beard. It is just so glorious. He loves singing along to all the songs during the reception... we have the tape to prove it. 


Brittany Curry - Associate Photographer

We call her BC or we kinda just yell Brittany Currryyyyyy.




Blyss Macias - Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist

Owner of The Industry Del Mar. When you come in for a portrait session with us, you get her talents to beautify you up.