Ernie and Fiona Padaon would love to help teach younger photographers the ins and outs of the photography industry. We will help provide leadership and opportunities in photography and business. 


The apprenticeship program with Ernie and Fiona Photography is designed to help fresh photographers get their feet wet in the photography industry and to help them grow quickly in the fast pace world of photography.  Ernie and Fiona will ask interns to attend at least 2 to 3 shoots per month to be active in the program. 

Interns are not allowed to shoot for the first 6 months unless otherwise stated by Ernie and Fiona. During the first 6 months they will be carrying bags, getting food and holding lights and reflectors, etc. In the second 6 months of the program, the interns will be allowed more opportunities to shoot during the different shoots that come up during the year. The apprenticeship program is unpaid and  members will be responsible for their own expenses. 


  • Cameras - Cameras will not be allowed on shoots with Ernie and Fiona Photography for the first 6 months unless otherwise stated. 
  • Photos - Any photos that are taken during an Ernie and Fiona Photography session will be property of Ernie and Fiona Photography. The photos can be used in portfolio and social media accounts after a month of the shoot. 
  • No Contact - Members are NOT allowed to exchange contact information with any of Ernie and Fiona Photography's clients.
  • Referrals - Members will receive 10% commission from any client referrals to Ernie and Fiona Photography


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