San Diego Portrait Photography | Lorelei | Mommy and Me

This Mommy and Me shoot was pretty special for us. Lorelei is a very close friend of ours and her son Isaac, is our godson. He has been battling with a disease called tay sachs since he was young and we love the fight in him. We love Isaac and Lorelei so much and we are so honored to be able to capture this moment between the both of them on images that will last forever. 

These are reasons in why we love that we do. We love to capture love. We love to capture stories. They have a story to tell. 

San Diego Portrait Photography: Ernie & Fiona | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon
San Diego Hair and Make Up Artist: The Industry Del Mar | Blyss Macias

San Diego Portrait Photography | Colin and Jamie

Maternity shoots are so beautiful because we get to help create memories with new parents! 
Colin and Jamie are one couple we were so excited to shoot. Our first camera ever came from Jamie and now they are getting ready to start their family in Canada! We have been on so many journeys together and it was such an honor to be a part of this one! 

San Diego Portrait Photographer: Ernie & Fiona | @ernieandfiona | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon
San Diego Hair and MUA: The Industry Del Mar | @theindustrydelmar | Blyss Macias

San Diego Portrait Photographer | Framed Prints of Tattoo Artist

We believe in print. We believe in putting your art on the walls. We believe in creating art that people will be able to see. 

We created some examples from our shoot with tattoo artist Reese Hilburn that you can check out below. Of course I accidentally put the framed images right on top of the plant, but you get the idea. 

Imagine seeing those prints on the wall! That is the way images are meant to be displayed. They deserve more than a double tap. They deserve to be seen by all on the wall!