San Diego Portrait Photography | Senior Portraits | Megan

We have been on our game for about the last month creating our senior portraits!
Every young woman we have worked with has been so much fun!
These are just a couple of the images we had a blast creating with one of our gorgeous reps, Megan!
Check out our instagram, @ernieandfiona, to see more of what we have been doing and keep your eyes out for some fun and new stuff coming soon!
We wanted to do something unique with our seniors and cannot wait to get those rolling!
Contact us if you want to get your portraits with us done as well! We would love to hear from you!

San Diego Portrait Photography | Jayanti

Mommy and Me shoots are one of those special occasions you will look back on for generations.
As your family grows along with memories, siblings, and never wanting to forget your children when they were little, we want to help you capture those sweet moments.
In the present, they are only moments, but as time passes, they are precious times you never want to fade.
Imagine in the future, having a quality printed album with years of photos we were able to create with you and your family. From the day you were engaged, your wedding day, your first pregnancy, each of your children as they grow, their future senior portraits, until one day a wedding of their own.
These are the kinds of timeless treasures we build with you.