1-minute Teaser Videos the Day After the Wedding | Richard & Hyacinth

We love creating the teaser videos from each of our weddings! We love to live off of the emotion and create a little tease from their day. Our teasers are usually high paced and fun.

This is the teaser that we put together from our little brother’s wedding. We are so proud of our team and how they did capturing the wedding. We were able to sit back and enjoy the wedding while being part of the bridal party and trusted our team to capture the day.

This was such a fun day and I love that we will get to relive these moments in video over and over again.

Check out the quick teaser from their wedding.

San Diego Wedding Videography: Ernie & Fiona | Caleb Gonzalez | Jordan McHenry
San Diego Wedding Photography: Ernie & Fiona | Brittany Curry | Madi Thiel