Snapchat results from the wedding

Recently, we created a snachat filter for a wedding that we had on the weekend. We wanted to test it out to see how much of a reach it would have. 

The reactions from the Snapchat filter were awesome. We even forgot to advertise that we had it up and we still were able to get solid results from our little experiment. 

We created the geofilter and placed it on their wedding venue for their ceremony and reception. We also placed a geofilter at their prep locations. Since they were in different locations, we had to get a couple of different geofilters for each location. 

On the night, the filter was used 77 times and it was viewed 5.4k times! That is incredible! 

On that snapchat filter, we placed our couples names and also put our little submark on the bottom right corner.

This is definitely something that we will be implementing into our plans going forward. Snapchat is becoming a huge platform for people to use in social media and we want to be in front of the move with things like geofilters. 

At the moment, we are sharing little sneak peeks of our work on snapchat and will share a little insight into our lives with the social media outlet. We sell ourselves as wedding photographers. We sell our personalities and everything we do. Since we spend most of the wedding day with the bride and groom, they should know a little bit on our background and on what we do. 

As wedding photographers, we are storytellers. Snapchat is the perfect platform for storytellers. 

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