8/365 Got our new Surface Pro and was too tired for our self-portrait

We were exhausted at the end of today and were half-dead by the time that we thought of doing our self-portrait. Instead of doing it ourselves, our friend Brittany took the photo for us while we were sitting around half dead on the couch. 

It was a busy day though. We cruised over to the Microsoft Store in order to pick up our new laptop! We got that new Surface Book and can't wait till we get our Surface Studio when they come in! 

Sorry Apple! We normally would have went in your direction, but we will go ahead and make the dive to the new side where the innovation seems to be coming from at the moment. 

We also received a huge canvas in the mail today! We will likely post up another blog about that print, but you can see the photos down here! 

This weekend should be awesome and we should be able to create some awesome pictures as we head up to Big Bear. Let's see what we can create! Should be pretty rad!

Check out our photos from the day.