A slideshow video of our portraits from Yosemite

Can we just go back to Yosemite? Can we just do every session in Yosemite? What a great time we had out there! We loved it and we shared some of the photos from the session on the previous blog post. 

HERE is your link to that post. 

We also created a quick video slideshow of the session that we had out there. Check out the slideshow right here: 

More video! More video! More VIDEO! 

We are going to capture more and more video from our sessions. We want to have more video sessions as well. The little video that we placed into the slideshow above grabs attention and we want to have more and more pieces like that so we can place it on the slideshow. 

So who is down to go to Yosemite?!?!

We did pick up a National Park pass while we were out there, so we can go to another National Park to do a shoot. 

Also, I can probably speak about this on the next blog.... but we bought a parachute that we are going to turn into a dress! If you liked the tulle dresses that we have, them I am pretty sure that you will love the parachute. Can't wait to share that adventure! 

San Diego Senior Portrait Photographers: Ernie & Fiona Photography | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon | Monica Boyan
Location: Yosemite National Park