Addicted... to photography

The addiction to wedding photography is real. Just the addiction to glamour and editorial photography and nature and all kinds of other photography is real. I have an addiction and it is bad! I can't get enough of photography. My favorite photography is of people. I love the photojournalistic approach to things, but the love of editorial photography shoots is growing on me. I think it would be amazing to have models and makeup artists and hair stylists and fashion designers all working for a production. Having those high class portraits would be amazing.

The wedding photography admiration is taking over at this time though. I am all over instagram looking at all kinds of images that people have taken at other weddings to get me inspiration. I think I have more wedding magazines at the house than people that are getting married.

I want to be the photographer that people look up and are inspired by. I want to be the photographer that people lose their minds on. When people see their images from their shoot or wedding, they are in awe.