Commercial Shoot with Designer Whey in action

10940424_10152937595880743_6657290415824604031_n Be Still Photography | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon Product: Designer Whey

It has been fun seeing the progress of our photography to this point. It wasn't too long ago that we just grabbed a camera and started shooting photos with the camera set on some automatic setting.

This is from our first commercial shoot and it was posted through facebook on the product's page. I do hate how the quality of photos go down on facebook, but what can you do.

Doing commercial photography is so different than the Wedding Photography industry. After you give up the images, the customers are able to do whatever they want to them. They can make them black and white and change some of the texture. It is now their image and they can make it look in any way that they please.

After seeing the final product from them, we see how another person's creative eye makes the image. It is a fun process. We can't wait to see more shots released.