Do you want to be a wedding photographer?

San_Diego_Wedding_Photographer_9360 What does it take to be a wedding photographer? There are so many hours that go into it and the least of those hours are behind a camera. 


Recently, PetaPixel released an article that read "You sure you want to be a wedding photographer?" I thought the article was brilliant and explained how hard it is to make it in this world.

There are so many hours that go into being a wedding photographer that people do not see. There are so many hours that go unnoticed. I love every part of this job. I love being in that big moment and capturing the best day of someone's life. I will take that responsibility in my hands all day!

It is not a job that everyone can make a living off of. It takes a ton of time to build a brand and to build a reputation. It takes a lot of determination. I admire the rockstar photographers that are out there. They have put in the time and effort to get to that level. We want to get to that level. We will get to that level.

If you are an up and coming photographer that is looking to get into this world, know that the time spent behind the camera is only a small portion of the job. It is the portion of the job that you love the most, but there is so much time spent behind a computer editing, marketing, emailing, budgeting.... The time back there doesn't end.

Then there are the moments of meeting with potential clients, that will turn you down since you are out of their price range. Then there is the nervousness that never seems to go away when you deliver the final product. All the thoughts that run through your mind in hopes that they get what they were hoping for.

Here are the questions that were asked at the end of the article:


  • Do you love people, a lot, even the un-lovely ones?
  • Do you believe in yourself, even in the face of regular rejection?
  • Do you love the process, even if the results don’t come for a long time?
  • Do you love to work for no money and long, thankless hours?
  • Is accomplishment itself enough compensation for you?
  • Are you willing to work 7 years for your ‘overnight’ success?
  • Are you willing to pull an all-nighter because you love your clients?
  • Are you motivated by your own creativity?
  • Is your happiness unshakeable in the face of repeated defeat?
  • Do you own a camera and a comfortable pair of shoes?

And if we said YES to all of them, then we MIGHT be the next rock star photographer.