Fall Forward - Empower Yth Motivational Video - San Diego Videography


San Diego videography - We created a motivational video for our youth conference and put together this piece. 


We created a motivational video for our Empower Youth conference that we took part of over the weekend. The video contains a speech that was cut up from Denzel Washington during a commencement at Penn.

I guess we would title the speech "Fall Forward". There are a few different cutup versions of this speech around the internet, but we decided to create our own for the conference.

We added the track Heart of Courage from Two Steps from Hell to the background to bring a bit more drama into the video and we just needed to collect some footage on the first day of the conference and get it all prepped for the 2nd day.We got those portions of the video set first. All the audio was created first, then we just place captured clips on the video.

I feel like I want to create more pieces like this in the future. It is awesome to share a great message to help motivate some people.The conference was amazing and we had a blast creating and capturing for it.

We look forward to doing more editing and San Diego videography in the future.

San Diego Videography : Ernie Padaon (Be Still Photog) | Eithel Krauss