Favorite Beaches to do a photo shoot in North County San Diego

I am sure you have seen all the beach photos taken for family photos and for Christmas photos. There is always a beach near by your location, but there are a few beaches that we like to head out to in order to avoid the crowds. The hardest part about beach shoots is having all the people around while you are doing the shoot. 

We stay close to North County with a lot of our shoots with our studio in Solana Beach, so here is the list of beaches that we tend to head out to the most. 


Fletcher Cover Beach  Ballet | Smoke Bombs

This is usually where we are shooting and it is usually pretty quiet on the beach. When you head down to the beach and head North, there is an area of the beach that is more secluded from the rest. Just be careful during high tide, because the water will go all the way up to the rocks and you could be in for a wet walk back. 


Ponto Beach | Ballet Photo Shoot |

The best part of this location is the jetties that you are able to get on top of and shoot at. Just make sure to watch your step while you are out on the jetties. The biggest issue on this beach is that there are usually a ton of rocks on the beach and makes it difficult to walk on if you do not have shoes. 

Other Beaches: 


This has been hit and miss for us. It is a great location because it is usually empty, but make sure to check the tide for the beach, because at high tide the water will go all the way up to the stairs. Recently we had come by and there was a ton of seaweed at the beach and there was also a ton of sand flies. 


This is a good location to come through and is a perfect spot if you want to bring a dog out. It is just south of dog beach, but is a lot more quiet as far as the crowd.