First Photoshoot with Baby Selah | San Diego Family Photography

It only took a few days before we did our first photo shoot with Selah. She was a whopping 4 days old when we did this shoot with her and the kids. 

Check out some of the photos from it! Already acting like a star! 

Some photographers don't have the camera around their own family, but we won't be that family. We will make sure that we will have it out constantly to capture these precious moments with them over and over again. 

This was a simple little shoot that we did in our bedroom on top of our run. Brought in the kids and brought in a little stuffed animal to bring in a pop of color. Nothing too complex and kept it simple. 

Can't wait to share more photos of these littles as they grow up and show even more of their personalities. They are already hams in front of the camera and I know that as they get older they are going to create even more magic in front of the camera. 

We have been thinking about doing more "in home" type sessions going forward. It has been something that we have thought of in the past and we love the idea of it more and more. Loving the idea of creating that type of artwork in the comforts of your own home. 

Thoughts on that idea? 

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