Gabe + Meagan | Proposal photos at Julian in the fog

We went out to Julian in order to create some amazing images for Gabe and Meagan. We were scheduled to do a photoshoot with the two a few months prior, but had to put a hold on it until this day.

It was cold out and the clouds were rolling in quick. The fog was rolling in real fast and the mist was coming down from the skies also. All of this and Gabe planned on proposing to her at the very end of the shoot. 

We had to shoot quick because the clouds were rolling in and killing the light. We stopped out in the middle of the field to start out the shoot and created some great images and cruised over to Julian. We did a few more stops around the town to create some images and then we finally got to the front of the Julian Pie Company. 

The plan was to drop to a knee right in the middle of the street at the Julian Pie Company. You can see a little bit of what happened here: 

Here are some of the images that we captured from the day.