Grand Tradition Estates Wedding Teaser | Andessa + James

Andessa and James have been friends of ours for a couple of years and I had the honor to shoot their wedding day. The wedding was beautiful and the location was perfect for the vintage look that they were looking for. I have a couple of teaser images from the day that I wanted to share with everyone as we run through all the images.

One of my favorite images on the day is with all the groomsmen and the groom walking back to the room after portrait sessions. This of course was part of the session, but I just kept shooting and picked up this magnificent shot of everyone. Everyone lined up perfectly and we are able to see all the groomsmen in the shot. It could be a poster to a movie.

Grand Tradition Fallbrook Estate Groomsmen

Here is another shot that worked out perfectly during the grand entrance of the bride and groom. I took a risk sitting toward the back of the room while shooting the entrance since the other shooter was at the bottom of the stairs and was able to catch this shot with perfect framing. The napkins were being waved around in the air and James and Andessa lined up perfectly in the middle.


San Diego Wedding Photographer: Be Still Photography Ernie Padaon & Ray Mickshaw Wedding Venue: Grand Tradition Estate | Fallbrook, CA