Halloween with the cutest superheroes

Check out our little superheroes all dressed up for Halloween. Sarai wanted to be just like her brother and wanted to be a superhero, so she put on her Superman onesie. We were able to sneak a few moments in her Princess outfit, but she was all about Superman. Caleb was Captain America. Could you tell that he didn't want to take any photos? He really didn't, but we offered him a lollipop and that is all that it took.

Check out our little mini photoshoot with the littles for Halloween: San Diego Photographer_0387.jpg San Diego Photographer_0388.jpg San Diego Photographer_0389.jpg San Diego Photographer_0390.jpg San Diego Photographer_0391.jpg San Diego Photographer_0392.jpg San Diego Photographer_0393.jpg San Diego Photographer_0394.jpg San Diego Photographer_0395.jpg San Diego Photographer_0396.jpg San Diego Photographer_0397.jpg San Diego Photographer_0398.jpg San Diego Photographer_0399.jpg San Diego Photographer_0400.jpg San Diego Photographer_0401.jpg San Diego Photographer_0402.jpg San Diego Photographer_0403.jpg San Diego Photographer_0404.jpg San Diego Photographer_0405.jpg