How to gain Instagram followers as a photographer

In the world of Instagram and social media, everyone is trying to get on top of their game and get a ton of followers. It is all about reach and getting your photos out to everyone that follows you. There are a number of ways that you can gain a ton of followers, but not all of them are going to get you the results that you want. If you are just looking at the number of followers, you might not be looking at the right thing. 

Here are some quick ways to gain some followers and some likes on IG: 


The first and easiest way to gain a ton of followers is by following a ton of people. If you have some interesting content, then they may follow you back. You have to have some good content in your feed first. The drawback of this is that these may not be your customers. You will get a ton of people following back just to boost their numbers as well. 


It seems simple, but you have to create good content. You also have to be consistent with your content. We all know that half naked ladies gets a ton of followers and likes, but you don't need to go down to that level in order to get the influence that you are looking for with IG. Post the content that you would love to produce all the time and your customers will be the ones that are following. 


I don't know any other way to phrase it, but in order to boost up your numbers you can go onto some celebrities pages and look to get some attention from them. The most popular to do it is Kylie and Kendall Jenner and also Kim Kardashian. If you ever scroll through their comments on their photos, you can see a million of comments like this: 

cb = comment back
lb = like back
fb = follow back
rows = like back a full row
First = like back first pic

All you have to do is go onto some of those people's accounts and like their photo and they will like back. When you first post a photo, just go onto one of those pages and work yourself for the first few minutes to get some likes and comments on your post. Your post will then get some traffic to beat the IG algorithm. 


What is an IG POD? Lucky for you, we already wrote a post that you can see HERE. Basically it is a group of people that are looking to like and comment on photos any time that you post something new so that you can get some engagements and beat the algorithm. 


I can't believe I went this far down the list until I finally mentioned hashtags. Find out the right hashtags to use for your genre and you will get more attention on your photos. 


Find people with really big followings and ask to take their portraits for them. If they say yes, you will get all the attention of their huge reach. Hopefully a few people will follow you. It all comes back to your content though. If you work sucks, you won't get the followers that you are looking for.