How to use Instagram slideshow for your business

Instagram released a new update yesterday that showed off SLIDESHOWS. How can you use this for marketing now?! 

Slideshows have existed forever and now you are able to use it directly with Instagram. We still don't know how it is going to work with their algorithms, but since it is something new, they will likely give it a little more of a boost for a little bit. 

Use it and make sure that you create some content that can tell stories with your images. You have 10 images to show off a story with your images. This will be a better way to share a number of photos over putting a diptic up there. 

Show off stuff, and share all the great things from your shoot and from time to time add an image with a call to action. Make sure to limit that call to action photo since people will start noticing that you are doing it and they will start skipping swiping to see the rest of your images. 

Create for it and see how it all works out. We will be testing it out on ours to see how we can make it all grow.