Should I change my Instagram to a business account?

Instagram has been making a lot of different changes quickly. They created STORIES for Instagram which is gaining a lot of traction from people. They have moved away from the chronological order from displaying the images and have now gone onto the mysterious algorithm for people. 

Another change is that businesses can switch their accounts to a business account. As a business account on Instagram, people are able to quickly send off an email or make a phone call from the app. The contact ability is very nice for businesses. 

Another great thing for businesses is the analytics section. As a business account, you can see the impressions that your account makes per post. You can see when your users are online and see when the best time to post is. 


NO. NO. NO. AND.... NO!

At the moment, all the positives of an Instagram business account do not outweigh the possibility of falling off of feeds. 

Instagram is owned by Facebook. Facebook does not put a priority on business accounts on their algorithm feeds and business owners should be afraid of it happening to the Instagram feeds. 

We will always be evaluating the benefits of Instagram business account over a personal account, but at the moment, we will be sitting back.