The new iPhone 7 Plus sounds so legit!!!

Specs on the new iPhone 7 plus are getting released left and right. The biggest features that we keep looking at are the camera specs that are placed onto the phone. From what has been revealed so far, this is going to be a pretty epic camera that we will be carrying around. 

Here are some of the specs that we have seen at the moment. 

iphone 7 specs.jpg

Did that just say a 1.8 aperture?!?! You would be able to create some nice bokeh off of the lens on our iphone? The dual lens of the 7 plus allows the camera to shoot at 28mm and 56mm at 12 megapixels.

With a 28mm and 56mm lens, we would be able to take solid landscape photography and also take some amazing portraits with the lens. I need to get my hands on one of these things. 

The best part is that this camera will shoot in RAW. If I forget a camera for any reason, I still can create some solid images with my phone. With the camera shooting in raw, we will have to see what the storage will be like and will also have to see how quick it would be able to take photos. 

As far as video, the camera is supposed to be able to capture in 4k @ 60 frames per second. 

I need my hands on this new camera... err.r... phone! This thing sounds pretty legit!