Just some of the amazing photos with our tulle skirt...

About that tulle skirt....

The best thing about a blog is that we can just look back to the past to see when we did some things. Back in MAY we built a massive tulle skirt that we wanted to use for beauty portraits. Since that time we have created a few others, but they were a lot smaller in design and they didn't have the dramatic effect that the long skirt had. 

It has been 5 months and we feel that the tulle skirt has become more and more of a staple to our collection. People see it in photos and think of us. We love it. 

Check out some of the photos with that tulle skirt that we have already created. 

IT IS AMAZING and we cannot wait to create more and more portraits with it! 

To add to the dramatic skirt collection, we just bought a huge parachute that we will be turning into a dress, We can't wait to see it come in the mail so we can create some magic with it! We will keep you updated on that parachute when it comes in the mail. 

If you are interested in shooting with the tulle skirt, send us a message and we would love to create some portraits with you. 

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