A quick little family vacation to Los Angeles

We don't get many Fridays and Saturdays off, but we happened to get this weekend off!! It was awesome and since we had it available, we decided to take a quick little trip to Orange County. we stayed the night up in Costa Mesa. 

In the morning, we enjoyed some awesome breakfast at Sugar Shack in Huntington Beach. We also decided to run some errands while we were up in the area. We took a little trip to the garment district and picked up a ton of tulle for some dresses. Get ready to see even more color skirts coming through!!!

We finished up the trip at the Irvine Spectrum Center and cruised back home. 

We have heard in the past that some photographers will take photos of everyone else, but don't have photos of their family. I can understand how that can happen since we are taking photos all the time and we tend to put the cameras down in order to take a break.

We still don't want to miss some of the precious moments in life and capture those moments. We had to capture some portraits while we were out at the beach. We also did have some fun in the hotel as well. Here is a quick preview of our mini vacation. 

We will share the rest soon.