We just love milk photo shoots!

We love milk photo shoots! We love creating some amazing images and we created these images under Fiona's boudoir photography brand (FLAWLESS BOUDOIR) and we love it.

Not every photo for Flawless is shared on this blog, but there are some exceptions. This photo shoot is a type of shoot that we would share on both of our pages. It is a boudoir type photo, yet it is a creative portrait session that we thrive in. 

It is so fun to create these shoots and to see the different type of looks that we can make with the milk. It sometimes is limiting, but at the same time that forces us to look at things a little more different.

How do you even pose people in milk? It is much more different than what we are used to, but that is part of the fun in it. Creating!

If you are interested in doing a milk photo shoot, we would love to talk to you more. Send us a message and we would love to create with you. 

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