Milk Portraits Photoshoots

We had always wanted to do milk portraits and we finally were able to get everything lined up to make it happen. We didn't know how to get so much milk in the tub at first and thought we would have to buy a store of milk to make it happen.  We didn't need that much milk though!

we bought a couple of gallons of milk and filled the tub up with water and just used the two gallons to change the color of the water white. Then we just jumped in and made it happen. We created these portraits. 

We love the black and whites and love how the background brings all the attention to the subject! Can't wait to create more of these! We likely will be doing a maternity type shoot with the milk the next time we create it.

San Diego Portrait Photography: Ernie & Fiona Photography | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon

MUA: Blyss Macias