No Silence No Violence Event Banners

We created these amazing banners for a No Silence No Violence event. We did shoots with all of these ladies and asked them to tell a little bit about their stories and we created these banners to put around the event. 

You can check out the different banners that we created. We ended up printing the top versions of the banners. 

We had never created banners in the past, so this was our first go at creating this type of product. When they arrived at the house, we were stoked to see how great they all turned out. They looked stunning! 

These banners stood at 33"x78" tall! They definitely were a conversation piece at the event. We will share some of the event photos that we took as well, so you could see them on display. 

I love seeing our photos on large prints. I love seeing our photos come to life! It is the best part of what we do!