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We are loving this trend of having unplugged weddings. The guests are asked to put away their phones during the ceremony.

We shoot many weddings every year and one of our favorite trends that are happening is the "unplugged" wedding.

Ok, this can be a tough subject to bring up. Before I get into it I have to share a story.  Ernie and I were doing this beautiful wedding in La Jolla. Everything was perfect, the weather was amazing the venue want stunning and I was in love with the decor details!

Ernie and I and our team are positioning ourselves for the first kiss.  All of a sudden as the bride and groom go in for their first kiss, someone jumps in front of us in the middle of the aisle and starts taking pictures on their iPad! We scrambled and still got the shot but there was panic in all of our hearts. 

There is a new trend happening, and to be honest, we are loving it.  Brides and Grooms are asking their guest to unplug or go off the grid during their ceremony.  This prevents images with 500 cell phones in it and decreases the risk of a guest getting in the way of the hired professionals.  After all the bride and groom are investing a lot into the perfect professional photographer.  

Now some people don't mind the cell phones and its honestly its personal preference. If you do decide to have an unplugged wedding make sure you have enough signage so the guest are aware. Its just something to think about as you plan your big day!  

What are your thoughts on an unplugged wedding? Should the cell phones be out or kept in the pocket? 

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