San Diego Wedding Photography | Pat + Nat

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San Diego Wedding Photography for Patrick and Natalie. Ceremony took place at St. John Evangelist Church and ceremony at Carlsbad Seapointe Resort.  


What an amazing wedding that we were honored to be a part of! You could see the love between Pat and Nat as soon as Natalie stepped into the room.The emotions were flowing right from the start of the ceremony and it was beautiful. They have such great families and friends that supported them during their day.

We took them for a quick portrait session near the beach so that they could see the lovely landscape of the ocean. It was amazing. Check out some of the highlights from the day.

Wedding Photographers: Be Still Photography | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon Venue: Saint John the Evangelist Church, Encinitas, CA | Carlsbad Seapointe Resort, Carlsbad, CA

Just Patrick and Natalie's brothers enjoying some good smiles before the wedding.

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Natalie was glowing the whole day. Right from the start for preparation, she had a smile on her face and was looking forward to the whole thing. San Diego Photographer_0086.jpg

Her bridesmaids were the best. San Diego Photographer_0087.jpg

That dress with those windows brought some amazing colors for the photos. San Diego Photographer_0088.jpg San Diego Photographer_0089.jpg San Diego Photographer_0090.jpg San Diego Photographer_0091.jpg San Diego Photographer_0092.jpg

San Diego Photographer_0093.jpg

Right before the wedding, you can see that Natalie's dad was so excited for the day. San Diego Photographer_0094.jpg San Diego Photographer_0095.jpg San Diego Photographer_0096.jpg San Diego Photographer_0097.jpg San Diego Photographer_0098.jpg San Diego Photographer_0099.jpg San Diego Photographer_0100.jpg San Diego Photographer_0101.jpg

The natural light at the venue was perfect for us. San Diego Photographer_0102.jpg San Diego Photographer_0103.jpg San Diego Photographer_0104.jpg San Diego Photographer_0105.jpg

San Diego Photographer_0107.jpg San Diego Photographer_0108.jpg San Diego Photographer_0109.jpg San Diego Photographer_0110.jpg San Diego Photographer_0111.jpg San Diego Photographer_0112.jpg

Natalie's brother and sister made a rap jam to celebrate the wedding. It was epic! San Diego Photographer_0113.jpg San Diego Photographer_0114.jpg San Diego Photographer_0115.jpg