San Diego Portrait Photography | Ballet | Caitlyn

We had the pleasure to capture some moments of one of the most beautiful ballet dancers ever. Caitlyn is an amazing dancer and we had an amazing time in Balboa Park. When she started to dance, she would stop everyone in their tracks and have everyone staring at her beauty. 

She is PHENOMENAL! She can easily put a smile on your face just by seeing the joy that she has in dance. 

THEN you hear a little of her story and are blown away. She is a survivor of cancer and she does everything with a smile. People need to hear her story and people need to see her dance. We want to create even more than these images at some point. We want to allow her to share her story in a video. That is going to be an amazing project! 

Check out some of these images we captured of her. We were able to share these images with Caitlyn this past weekend and are now able to share with you all. 

San Diego Portrait Photographers: Ernie & Fiona Photography | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon | Monica Boyan
Location: Balboa Park | San Diego, CA

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