San Diego Ballet Portraits | Sneak Peek | Caitlyn

Over the weekend, we did an amazing shoot with one of the most inspirational stories ever! Caitlyn is one of the most beautiful dancers that we have ever seen and we were blessed with the opportunity to capture her through our lens. 

Here is a little sneak peek from the weekend: 

We did our photoshoot in Balboa Park. The shot from above is in the rose garden. The area was actually flooded with people playing Pokemon Go, but we were able to find a little space where we could shine. 

Caitlyn said that this was her favorite area and it definitely was one of ours as well. We could not believe how talented of a dancer that she was. Every move that she made was amazing and we were in awe. 

Caitlyn is a survivor of cancer. She dances through life with a smile on her face that will light up a room. She is an amazing talent that we were able to meet and we were blessed to capture her dance. 

We can't wait to share all the images from the day.