San Diego Photography | Purple hair style

blyss-hair San Diego Photography: Be Still Photog | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon Hair Stylist: Casie Germonto

There is always some sort of art project happening at the house. This time around, our roommate got her hair colored in the kitchen by Casie Germonto. Our roomie was looking to get some purple in the hair and of course we had to pull out the cameras and the light to take some photos.

While it was great to get some images for Casie to use for her portfolio, it helped us understand what some of the hairstylists are looking for in these shots. We try to provide some of these shots to the stylists after the wedding. We all are in the same industry and we will try to keep as good a relationship with all the people in that line of work. It could lead to a referral of some sort.

In our last wedding, we took some photos of the bride's and bridesmaid's hair and the stylist said that a photographer had never offered that for her in the past. We will take every referral that we can get.

Check out some of the colors in this hair though:

Blyss-hair-9 Blyss-hair-11 Blyss-Hair-13 Blyss-Hair-16