San Diego Portrait Photography | Caleb + Sarai

We went out on a little trip to Los Angeles last weekend and here are the final images from our mini portrait session we had with our kids. It is nice to always have model kids with us when we are out. 

It is so important to take photos of your family all the time. We need to exist in photos! We need to have these memories preserved for us for our kids. For their kids. For their kids, kids. 

We went on the vacation and did a quick portrait session with the kids. Caleb and Sarai played under the bed sheets and we took some awesome photos of them. We also took some photos of them out at the beach in Huntington Beach.

Check out some of our images from the shoot: 

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San Diego Portrait Photography: Ernie & Fiona Photography | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon
Location: Huntington Beach, CA | Some random Marriott in Costa Mesa