San Diego Portrait Photography | Tulle skirts | Felicita Park

All we want to do is make you feel like royalty! We love it. When we get the tulle skirts out and find these amazing locations, we look to create some amazing art work. We love it! 

We went out to Felicita Park in Escondido to create these portraits with Casie. We love bringing out the tulle skirts for our shoots! We love when our clients ask us to bring it out to create for them. It is so much fun and creates some amazing art for people. 

Check out some of the images that we created with Casie. The first couple of shots are with a parachute skirt that we are still working with. It is the first time that we pulled it out and we still are trying to figure out what we want to do with it and if we want to cut it in a different style. 

Check out the images and let us know your thoughts on the parachute and what we should do with it. 

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San Diego Portrait Photography: Ernie & Fiona Photography | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon
Location: Felicita Park | Escondido, CA