San Diego Senior Portrait Photography | Amazingness in Yosemite with Charlotte

We knew it was going to be awesome when we decided to go to Yosemite for a Senior Portrait shoot. We just didn't realize how awesome it was going to be! 

The trip was awesome. We had a blast on the road trip up to Yosemite and then the photos turned out PHENOMENAL!!!!!


Last month, we took Charlotte out to Yosemite for her Senior Portraits. For some reason, Fiona and I both came up with a crazy idea of heading out to Yosemite to do a photo session and we pitched the idea to Charlotte. It would be a quick drive up for a night and then right back down. 


Check out some of the magic that we created out at Yosemite: 

Now THAT is how you do Senior Portraits!!!! 

The shoot was unreal and we were stoked to create that adventure. If you are interested in Senior Portraits with Ernie & Fiona Photography, please head to our INQUIRE page and send us a message. 

Senior Portrait Photographers: Ernie & Fiona Photography | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon | Monica Boyan
Location: Yosemite National Park