San Diego Videography: Be Different | MyCity Youth new series

San Diego Videography: Be Still Photog | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon Our church youth group is doing a new series that is called Be Different. It is a series that is calling the youth to stand out and to stand up. Instead of walking with the world and doing everything that other high school youth are doing, we want them to be different. We want the youth to go into schools on their first day of school and BE DIFFERENT.

Here is the video that we used to preview the series.

Schools will be opening up in the next week. They will be going back and dealing with the pressures of high school. The pressures of fitting in. The pressures of doing all the things that high school youth do.

Instead of doing what the youth and the world does, they should lean on the word of God.

The voice-over is a poem that was written and read by Destiny Macias. She is a phenomenal talent and we look forward to the amazing things that she does.

We loved creating this video with the 3 students and can't wait to see the movement that will take place with the youth in San Diego.

Be a world changer. Be the chosen one. Be the light on the hill.  BE DIFFERENT!