San Diego Wedding Photography | Joe and Tristanne

San Diego Wedding Photography: Be Still Photography | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon We had the pleasure to capture the day for Joe and Tristanne's wedding a couple of weeks ago. The ceremony took place at Sunset Cliffs and the setting was beautiful. The skies were clear and both of them looked amazing.

Both Joe and Tristanne got ready at separate locations, but they wanted to meet up beforehand to pray and for us to capture that moment for them. We found a nice little spot where they could pray for each other before the wedding, but not see each other.

Joe then hustled down to the ceremony location to make sure that everything was set up right. He also surprised Tristanne with a limo ride down to the site. The location was fantastic!

The parties then went back to the house to celebrate with all their friends.

These two are an amazing couple and they are so much fun to be around. We were happy to be able to capture their day for them.

Check out some of the photos from their big day.


Be Still Photography_0067.jpg

Be Still Photography_0073.jpg Be Still Photography_0074.jpg Be Still Photography_0076.jpg Be Still Photography_0075.jpg Be Still Photography_0077.jpg Be Still Photography_0078.jpg Be Still Photography_0079.jpg Be Still Photography_0080.jpg Be Still Photography_0081.jpg Be Still Photography_0082.jpg Be Still Photography_0083.jpg Be Still Photography_0084.jpg Be Still Photography_0085.jpg Be Still Photography_0086.jpg Be Still Photography_0087.jpg Be Still Photography_0088.jpg Be Still Photography_0089.jpg Be Still Photography_0090.jpg Be Still Photography_0091.jpg Be Still Photography_0092.jpg Be Still Photography_0068.jpg Be Still Photography_0069.jpg Be Still Photography_0094.jpg Be Still Photography_0095.jpg Be Still Photography_0096.jpg Be Still Photography_0097.jpg

Location: Sunset Cliffs | San Diego, CA MUA: Mikala Hubbard Hair: Sonovella Cake Artist: Natalie Miller