Self-Portrait 365 Challenge: Practice for our crazy idea

We are going to try this 365 challenge all over again. We tried this out a little while back and we didn't even get past day 3. The first time, it was also me going all in by myself trying to get it complete and times just got too busy. Life is still busy, but this time Fiona and I will be attempting to do the 365 challenge together. 

Our twist on the 365 self-portrait challenge is that we will be doing the self-portrait with both of us in the photos. This is going to be crazy and can't wait to see some of the results that we pull through out of this, but the CHALLENGE has been accepted. 

I did a little practice with the timer yesterday since I was assuming we would each do a solo 365 challenge. Here is what I put together shooting through a Starbucks cup lid and with my cellphone light giving it a little flare action. 

We are starting our 365 challenge today and will post up what we put together tomorrow.... or tonight if I get time to do a little editing after our shoot. Can't wait to share all the images we put together with this challenge.