Should you have a first look on your wedding?

Have you thought about having a first look on your wedding day? More and more brides have jumped on the idea of having a first look on their wedding day.  It is another magical moment to add on the wedding day and photographers love it because they are able to do bride and groom portraits done early.

A first look is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time all dressed up looking fabulous and it would take place before the wedding ceremony. Instead of the tradition first time meeting at the aisle, the two meet each other at a different location.

For our most recent first look, the groom met his bride in her room as she was waiting for him. After all the anticipation, the first moment that they get to meet is amazing.

Check out some of the photos from our recent first look:

2015-12-09_0028.jpg2015-12-09_0027.jpg 2015-12-09_0026.jpg  2015-12-09_0029.jpg2015-12-09_0030.jpg

There are many different ways that it can be done as well. You can let the photographer set it up or if you have an idea for how you would like to roll out, then you can just let the photographers know how you want it all to play out.

Another version of the first look could also work well with the father of the bride. His baby daughter is getting married and he has as much anticipation in seeing her as well.


First looks bring some amazing moments that you can always cherish and it always looks beautiful in the photos.