Snapchat vs Instagram Stories

Instagram just released it's latest update to the world today and one of the newest features is stories. This is Instagram's way of getting into that Snapchat space. It works very similar to Snapchat.

Facebook (owners of Instagram) tried to buy Snapchat a while back and were not able to make it happen, so instead they have invested in creating their own platform and stuck it into Instagram. How is this all going to work out? 

The competition between the two will force the two sides to keep making things better. Snapchat is advanced in the space since they have been in it for a while, but Instagram already hosts a lot of followers and could take this whole thing over. Instagram has been sitting and watching what Snapchat has done right and done wrong. 

Snapchat users will instantly say that it is the better platform at the time being with all the filters and face changing things that are available to it. The geofilters that Snapchat has is already top notch. 

What advantage does Instagram have at this time?

Instagram's advantage is that it already has a huge following of people. People are much more searchable through Instagram. The crowd of people that is already built up through Instagram can see all your stories and won't have to be pushed to a new platform.  Those are little perks that could get Instagram some love. 

At the moment, it is another social media piece that we will all have to learn and will be a piece that we will start using. It sucks that there is a new piece that we all have to learn, but that is the way this world works. I would rather be ahead of it before it blows up, then trying to play catch up with the rest of the world. 

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