Sneak peek behind the scenes from milk photoshoot | Kadian

We have always wanted to do a milk photoshoot and we finally were able to put one together over the weekend. 

What the heck is a milk photoshoot? Just a photoshoot in a milk bath. Yea... just that. Nothing crazy.. haha. 

We had seen the milk photoshoot idea on Pinterest a couple of times and we wanted to give it a try and see if we could create a little something in that manner. After looking up all the different ways to put it together, we made it happen. 

The tub is not all full of milk. We fill the tub up with water to the point that we would like and then we dump in a couple of gallons of milk in. WHOLE MILK. Then we added in some powdered milk in and we got the consistency and look that we wanted. 

Model jumps into the tub and then it is time to create! 

Here is a quick snippet from our shoot: 

We just love to create! We will share some of the photos from this shoot soon.