Blogging with SmugMug... Not so hot

No-Silence-No-Violence-1332-M I tried to work with creating blogs through SmugMug and I just don't see it working out in the same manner as WordPress. I have been working with WordPress for so long and know how to quickly get something posted on the site and just didn't want to deal with customizing each page to make it look the same on SmugMug.

SmugMug will still be the spot where I hold images and such, but it will not be the location where I will have the blog running from. Wordpress has this thing on lock and is what they specialize in and will be the way that I continue to post. It is so much easier to get found on google with wordpress posts as well. Have to stick with the right tools if I want the proper results.

Sorry I left you for so long WordPress... .and by so long, meaning not that long at all!