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San Diego Wedding Proposal photography| Stone Brewery


San Diego Wedding Proposal photography: Be Still Photog | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon

We have done a few wedding proposals now and this one was definitely going to be the most challenging. When we were asked to capture this moment, we knew that the situation would be a challenge. It was going to be late at night and the lighting at the location was little to none.

For the proposal, we had to set up the location with some candles and a custom made box that he created and place it out on a bench that they spent their first date on forever at Stone Brewery. They would walk up on the bench and he would pop the question there.

Since the lighting was tough, we brought a video light and guessed a location that it would all go down and lit it up. Since this was supposed to be a surprise, we chose to sit back and hide and didn't want to pop off a bunch of flash. We had to open up the lens real wide and increase the ISO, but this was all about the moment. We didn't want to change up the moment and the reactions with their awareness of being on camera, so we kept the flash down.

Here is just some from the day. We will get them all fully cleaned up this week: 

2015-08-22_0005 2015-08-22_0006 2015-08-22_0007