wedding cinematography

Why should I get a wedding videographer? Why should people invest in getting a wedding videographer? What can they provide that a photographer cannot bring to the table? 

Why should brides get a wedding cinematographer/videographer? There is something that movement and sound can capture that still images cannot capture. This post is not to diminish the need for photographers. We do both at Be Still and we believe that people should have both during their biggest day.

There is greatness in both stills and cinema, but we are writing this post to convince you on the video portion. The idea of seeing that first dance come to life again is incredible. You can see the look in each other's eyes and also can see the mood in the room.

The biggest benefit is getting the audio from the day. The audio from the speeches and the vows placed onto a movie type documentary will make tears come down your eyes. Those words will be preserved forever.

Trust in a professional. Trust in someone that has been to weddings and understands the height of the occasion. Look over their previous work and see if you like their style. That is what your final product will look like.

The wedding videographer that you bring on will be looking for all the details that your Uncle Bob would not be looking for. The wedding videographer will capture scenes in a way that your Uncle Bob would not be looking for and your wedding videographer will put it together in a final product that will take your breath away. Trust in a pro.

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