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Living Photos | Wedding Photography

We had seen living photos in the past and it didn't interest us that much, until we had seen it done in a manner that we really liked. Now we are going to give them a try. We had some video from a previous wedding that we were able to use in order to create this living image. 

Here is our first attempt at this. We think that there definitely is some potential for this. We will keep playing with this and we can see if it will become a staple in what we do.

Check out the quick living image that we made and let us know what you think about them. 

Wedding Proposal Photography | Colin + Sarina

Oh what a beautiful night it was. A beautiful night for a proposal. A proposal that would definitely be a surprise and would get some amazing reactions. A proposal that would be seen and done in front of a ton of people. Colin and Sarina are an amazing couple from our church. Colin wanted to plan a proposal during one of our youth ministry nights. Both Colin and Sarina are heavily involved with the youth. They both serve at different campuses on Fridays though, so the plan was to have Colin come down for a surprise visit in the middle of the service.

We played a little intro video on the screens that Sarina didn't know too much about. It was just listed as a Special Item on the run sheet. The video was going to play after a Valentine's day promo and Colin would walk out onto the stage after a certain part of the video.

You can see our recap video here:

[video_box video_url=""]

That proposal video still gives me goosebumps.

We captured some photos on the day as well:





Before Sarina was on the stage, she was in the audience enjoying the worship from the night.



Colin was in the back nervously waiting to make his appearance.



Then the video came and it was time!











We brought them backstage for a few quick photos, but then wanted to let them sit back and enjoy their moment together. We will get our chance to do photos with them during a real engagement session and can spend the time to create some amazing photos.







Another option to the first look on your wedding

On your wedding day, your photographers will want to know if you would like to have a first look. A first look is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time before the wedding ceremony. It goes against tradition, but it also makes for an amazing moment to capture. It also is great for portraits to get done before the ceremony instead of rushing them within an hour after the ceremony. There are a lot of advantages of having a first look on your wedding day. There are also a ton of reasons why people don't want to have first looks. We understand both sides.

A possible alternative idea to the first look is doing a little prayer or saying some words of encouragement behind a door before the ceremony. That will just give you goosebumps to hear each others voice and to touch hands on your wedding day. You won't be able to see each other, but you could hold hands and say a few words before you walk down the aisle.

Be Still Photog San Diego Wedding Photographer First Look

It has always been an amazing and emotional moment. The anticipation to see each other for the first time is high and the little hints of his voice or his touch will get you both eager to see each other when the ceremony begins.

The images are also amazing that are captured from that moment. If a first look is not in the cards, then this option could be something that you consider.

Beautiful Wedding at the White House Event Center

What an amazing wedding we had with Ray and Lupe back in November. They are some of the most amazing couples and we had a blast with them throughout their day. Their wedding took place at the White House Event Center in Anaheim and it was a perfect day. Here are some of the details from the wedding. Lupe had a gorgeous dress and the bridesmaids had beautiful red dresses.

2015-12-09_0002.jpg 2015-12-09_0005.jpg

2015-12-09_0010.jpg 2015-12-09_0012.jpg

The sparkles on the shoes and the jewelry was amazing. We couldn't go without getting the details of her perfume as well. That would be Miss Dior! 2015-12-09_0006.jpg 2015-12-09_0007.jpg

The White House Event Center was an awesome venue to work with. 2015-12-09_0011.jpg

Instead of having a wedding cake, Lupe and Ray went with cupcakes from Frosted. They looked so delicious!  2015-12-09_0022.jpg 2015-12-09_0003.jpg

Ray and Lupe decided to do a first look at the venue and it was absolutely breathtaking. Eyes were getting a little moist in the room when the two of them had their first look. They decided to do the first look in private and Ray would walk into the room where Lupe was waiting for him. Here is what transpired! 2015-12-09_0028.jpg2015-12-09_0026.jpg 2015-12-09_0027.jpg

2015-12-09_0029.jpg 2015-12-09_0030.jpg

Since Lupe's dad still had not seen her yet in her wedding dress, we did a first look with him to follow. It was amazing! How are you supposed to take photos with tears of joy coming down your eyes? This first look with her dad was just as good as the first look with her soon to be husband. 2015-12-09_0032.jpg2015-12-09_0031.jpg

After the first look, we went out to the Long Beach Lighthouse to do portraits. Portraits is probably our favorite time. 2015-12-09_0009.jpg 2015-12-09_0008.jpg 2015-12-09_0016.jpg 2015-12-09_0015.jpg

2015-12-09_0013.jpg 2015-12-09_0017.jpg 2015-12-09_0018.jpg

2015-12-09_0020.jpg 2015-12-09_0021.jpg 2015-12-09_0025.jpg Wedding Details Wedding Photographers: Be Still Photog | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon Event Coordinator: Patricia Flores MUA: Karna Solorzano Wedding Florist: 800rosebig Cake Artist: Frosted Caterer: White House Event Center Portrait Location: Long Beach Lighthouse Wedding Venue: White House Event Center

Testing out double exposure on wedding photos

I have always loved the look of double exposures. Some people believe it is over the top for wedding photography and some people believe that it is taboo to do it through photoshop, but in the end it is all about the art that we are putting out. This is our art form and if we believe that it looks amazing and the customers believe that it looks amazing, then we will keep rolling with it.

This is our first attempts at some double exposures through photoshop from a wedding that we did a little while back. The flowers that were used on the yellow image is from her bouquet.

The pink flowers was from an image that was from unsplash. I just wanted to see what it would look like with some pink colors mixed in there.

We had done it in black and white as well, but in the end we stuck with the colors for the image. We will mess with doing these things more and hopefully we can perfect it to become something that we deliver to clients every time.

Here are some of the images that we created:

2015-11-13_00012015-11-13_0002 2015-11-13_0003

Wedding Photographers: Be Still Photography | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon

Happy Birthday Marine Corps from this wedding

Happy birthday to the marine corps. We are thankful for everything that our marines and military have done and continue to do for our country. To celebrate the marines, we will share one of our weddings that we captured in Camp Pendleton. This was one sneak peek into their wedding when they wanted to meet each other before the wedding and hold hands, but didn't want to see each other.

Throughout that whole facility, we only had a glass door that we could use for this moment, so we had to back him in without him looking. It turned out well though and it was an amazing moment!

camp pendleton wedding camp pendleton wedding

I love having this moment with brides and grooms. That little meeting before the actual wedding for a quick prayer or a quick hello is full of emotion. It is just like a first look before the wedding, but without the actual looking park.

This seems to be a requested moment over and over with brides and grooms. If they don't have the first look, then we get this moment often and we just have to find the right location to make it work. WE LOVE IT!

Venue: Camp Pendleton Photographers: Be Still Photog | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon

Testing out some new tricks in editing



We have been working with some new tricks in our editing process and re-edited a  few of our photos from past shoots to see what the results would look like.

From the early results, it definitely seems like something that we want to keep building on. The adjustments are subtle, but make the images stand out a lot more in a crowded world of photography.


We will always be looking to build on what we have and will always be looking for a way to stand out in the best possible way. We think the little added touches will help us out. untitled-shoot-9302-XL San Diego Photographer_0313 San Diego Photographer_0312ashleyandkenny ashleyandkenny2cherylandchrischerylandchris2 gritandphil kaeliandcarlo kelly SIMARY

San Diego Wedding Photography | Phil + Grit

San Diego Photographer_0231.jpg San Diego wedding photography with Phil and Grit at Woodland Heights in Escondido. 



What an amazing wedding with Grit and Phil! These two are amazing and they put together an awesome day. They are such a fun couple and you could see that reflect in all of their photos from the day. They had a great event with some great friends and family.

We had such an amazing time working with them during this wedding. It all started with a great engagement session and then had an amazing time during their wedding. The venue was awesome and Grit had a ton of her best friends helping her put together the wedding. Since she had a ton of experience in the business in the past, she knew a lot of people that could make this day amazing.

Their daughter was so much fun and we loved spending the day with them all.

San Diego Wedding Photographers : Be Still Photography | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon Florists: Cherry Blossom Floral Designs Caterer: Red Tail Catering DJ: Daniel Peterson

San Diego Photographer_0205.jpg

San Diego Photographer_0206.jpg San Diego Photographer_0207.jpg San Diego Photographer_0208.jpg San Diego Photographer_0209.jpg San Diego Photographer_0221.jpg San Diego Photographer_0210.jpg San Diego Photographer_0211.jpg San Diego Photographer_0219.jpg San Diego Photographer_0220.jpg San Diego Photographer_0222.jpg San Diego Photographer_0223.jpg San Diego Photographer_0224.jpg San Diego Photographer_0225.jpg San Diego Photographer_0226.jpg San Diego Photographer_0227.jpg San Diego Photographer_0212.jpg San Diego Photographer_0229.jpg San Diego Photographer_0228.jpg San Diego Photographer_0230.jpg San Diego Photographer_0213.jpg San Diego Photographer_0214.jpg San Diego Photographer_0215.jpg San Diego Photographer_0216.jpg San Diego Photographer_0232.jpg San Diego Photographer_0233.jpg San Diego Photographer_0234.jpg San Diego Photographer_0235.jpg San Diego Photographer_0236.jpg San Diego Photographer_0217.jpg San Diego Photographer_0218.jpg San Diego Photographer_0237.jpg San Diego Photographer_0238.jpg San Diego Photographer_0239.jpg San Diego Photographer_0240.jpg

Praying for Bumpy

San Diego Photographer_0053.jpg We were just on Facebook and looking through what is happening on social media and I noticed that one of our photos of this beautiful little girl was posted on a link. I remmeber meeting her during one of our wedding as she was the flower girl. She was so sweet and her family was telling us about all the things that she has gone through.

In 2011, when she was 5 she was diagnosed with Leukemia and has been in remission, but it has returned. A page was created for her to pray while she is back in the hospital for treatment.

Here is what it says on the Facebook post:

Hayden Ritchie AKA Bumpy is a sweet little girl that WAS diagnosed in 2011 at age 5 with Leukemia and has been in remission but it's come back and she is in the hospital undergoing 30 days of chemo treatment. Her grandmother is a really good friend and I pray God hears us and relieves this child from this horrible disease and I pray they find a cure so that no child has to suffer this ever again. The family is asking everyone to say a prayer for her.

Dear Jesus,

You walked on the earth, understood the broken world, yet also rose from death into resurrected life. I pray for Bumpy that she would be held in your loving arms. Bless the work of the doctors, surgeons and hospital staff, and bring the power of your resurrection life into her body. Come fill Bumpy with your restorative Spirit. May your resurrection life bring healing and wellness into their being. May your grace carry her and her family through this hard time into a new season filled with hope and joy.


I believe that she is already healed. Our prayers are with her and her family.

Rancho Las Lomas Engagement Session | Chris + Cheryl

San Diego engagement Photographer_0030.jpg Rancho Las Lomas Engagement Photography session with Cheryl and Chris at Rancho Las Lomas Photographers: Be Still Photography | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon Location: Rancho Las Lomas | Silverado, CA

What an amazing engagement session we had with Cheryl and Chris at Rancho Las Lomas. The location was amazing and provided an amazing backdrop to this beautiful couple. Both Chris and Cheryl were great during the day.

These two were a blast to hang out with during the day. They were playful during the shoot and also had some very romantic photos.

Rancho Las Lomas was a beautiful location. The atmosphere was great and the staff was friendly. They even let us take some photos behind the bar. We were just going to grab some of their Red Head brew, but ended up getting some great photos back there as well.

To start out the session, we had a couple of brews at the bar to loosen everyone up and to get to know each other a little better. It got some of the nerves of taking photos out of the way.

Chris and Cheryl met at a dog park where they both were taking their dogs out to get some time outside. They never knew that they would be doing more dog dates in the future.

rancho las lomas engagement photography rancho las lomas engagement photography rancho las lomas engagement photography rancho las lomas engagement photography rancho las lomas engagement photography rancho las lomas engagement photography rancho las lomas engagement photography rancho las lomas engagement photography

Engagement Session Photographers: Be Still Photog | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon Engagement Session Venue: Rancho Las Lomas

Engagement Photos | Bantiquitos Lagoon, Carlsbad, CA | Patrick + Natalie

San Diego Photographer_0006.jpg Photographers: Be Still Phtoog | Ernie Padaon + Fiona Padaon Location: Bantiquitos Lagoon, Carlbad, CA

What an awesome engagement session. We were able to work with a Rolls Royce during the shoot. The couple won the right to use the car during their engagement session at a bridal show that they attented. It was great to work with the beautiful car with the beautiful couple on the shoot.

We look forward to this wedding in February. They are a great couple.

San Diego Photographer_0005.jpgSan Diego Photographer_0008.jpg San Diego Photographer_0009.jpg San Diego Photographer_0010.jpg San Diego Photographer_0011.jpgSan Diego Photographer_0012.jpg San Diego Photographer_0013.jpg

Engagement Session at Old Poway Park | Grit + Phil

2014-12-11_0003.jpg Photographers: Be Still Photography (Ernie Padaon and Fiona Padaon) Location: Old Poway Park, San Diego, CA

We did this engagement session with Grit and Phil in Old Poway Park. The location makes for some amazing photos and these two were a blast to work with. They filled the day with laughs! Can't wait till their wedding day, it is going to be amazing! 2014-12-11_0002.jpg 2014-12-11_0001.jpg 2014-12-11_0004.jpg 2014-12-11_0005.jpg 2014-12-11_0006.jpg 2014-12-11_0007.jpg 2014-12-11_0009.jpg 2014-12-11_0008.jpg

Wedding in Caramel Mountain Ranch CC | Daniel + Tracy

Wedding Photographer: Be Still Photography Ernie PadaonVenue: Caramel Mountain Ranch Country Club | San Diego, CA

I had the pleasure to capture the day for Daniel and Tracy a few weeks ago and enjoyed every second of the day with these guys. They are an amazing couple and have some great things in store for them in the future. The venue at Caramel Mountain Ranch Country Club was awesome. 2014-11-25_0001.jpg

To start out the day, Daniel and Tracy exchanged some letters to each other. Daniel had to step away from the rest of his groomsmen to focus in on writing his letter. He stepped into the abandoned bar area and wrote something up for Tracy. 2014-11-25_0002.jpg

After all the guys got dressed, we all took some portraits seperate from the ladies. These guys were so easy to photograph. Everyone was laid back and having a good time. 2014-11-25_0003.jpg 2014-11-25_0004.jpg

After the portrait session, the guys all decided to pray for Daniel. Seriously one of my favorite moments during weddings. 2014-11-25_0005.jpg

Daniel and Tracy did nont want to see eachother before the weddingm but they wanted to get prayed for with eachother before the ceremony. 2014-11-25_0006.jpg

Again, the ceremony was beautiful. 2014-11-25_0007.jpg 2014-11-25_0008.jpg 2014-11-25_0009.jpg

After the ceremony, we did the formal dances. Bride-groom. Father-daughter. Mother-son. 2014-11-25_0010.jpg 2014-11-25_0011.jpg

Daniel and Tracy loved to dance it out 2014-11-25_0012.jpg 2014-11-25_0014.jpg

I think Tracy got the best of Daniel during the cake cutting. 2014-11-25_0013.jpg

Again, it was an amazing day with an amazing couple.