The new MacBook Pro is not built for photographers

What is going on with Apple? I don't lean on one side or the other on the debate of Apple or PC. I want the best thing that works for me and at the moment, I will be leaning on the Surface. Before I chose to go with the Surface, I was leaning on getting a Mac. 

For the longest time, Mac was the one that was pushing innovation. They were the one that had been leading the charge. I still have Apple products. I have the new iPhone 7 plus and love it, but there are not a ton of things that were different from the 6 to the 7. 

They took away the headphone jack on the phone and it is more annoying than anything. Does Apple think that they are bigger than they are at this point. They want to change the industry so that people don't need headphone jacks? I don't know if that is going to happen. I can't use the new headphones in anything but the iPhone. 

Even the new MacBook that was released has the old school headphone jack! Shouldn't they both be cohesive?! 

Now I am seeing that the new MacBook took away the SD Card reader? We have to carry SD Card readers with us now? 

As a photographer, what am I supposed to do now? Does Apple think that they will change the use of SD Cards on our cameras? 

Also, we would have to purchase an adapter in order to hook up USB drives, external hard drives and even hook up our iPhone?!?! Do the people at Apple even talk to each other on the different changes that they are putting out. The iPhone department and Macbook pro department should have a few conversations... Maybe?!

Right now, I will go with the company that is looking to innovate and not take away the things we rely on.