Video: Proposal at Coronado Island | Derek + Jamie

It has been way too long since we had posted anything up to the blog! Our bad... just been so crazy and busy, but we are back and will promise to pay more attention to the blog. 

We were recently asked to do the photography for this proposal out at Coronado Island. We had never met the couple in the past and we were not sure what to expect with them. We recorded some of the proposal as well. The video was not our focus, but we wanted to keep video for the vlog. 

It was awesome and we love being able to capture these moments. We will share some of the photos up on the blog soon. We love capturing these type of moments for people and Coronado seems to be a popular area for us to capture these moments. 

Can't wait to do more of these down the road. Check out the video recap from the day here.