We are starting out this VLOG thing!!!

We are going to start doing this VLOG thing! We have been planning on doing it for a while and just didn't get it rolling, but we are just going to do it like we do all things -- We are going to jump head first into it and see how we do. We will make the adjustments as we need and we will see what we can create. 

At the moment, we plan on posting up a vlog about our business and photography once per week. We will record on Wednesdays and post it up on Thursdays at 10am right here. 

We always appreciate the feedback and love the comments below. We still are going to create all the great videos to promote all our work, but these vlogs will give you a little more insight on who we are and our personalities. Can't wait to see you all following along!

Give us some comments below and let us know what you would like to see us talk about on here! We can't wait!