We pre-ordered our Surface Studio!!

The debate will continue between Apple and PC over and over again. Some people have some very strong opinions on the matter. I just want to get something that works perfect for what I do.

People will argue with Apple and PC as much as they will argue with Canon or Nikon. Just get me a camera in my hands and I will create something awesome with it. 

The difference between Apple and PC now is at a different level. Microsoft is pushing thee envelope on innovation and is putting out something that is different .than what we have seen for so long. We were going to go on the Apple train, but this new machine is what we have been looking for. 

Check out the video if you have not seen it yet. 

I had never leaned on one side or the other between the debate. We were going to go with Apple because it is a little more reliable, but the innovation is what took us on this one. 

The ability to turn the table and use it as a drawing board or like a WACOM tablet is going to change the game for us. The ability to open up photoshop and edit images with the pen and to create in that manner is going to be amazing! 

The screen is AMAZING and the images look beautiful on it! It is a game changer. 

Some people said that we should wait till the next one comes out, but we already have seen this from Microsoft. They have been working on this Surface for a little bit now and this time they just released a desktop version. It should work pretty well. The next version will be better, but we will ride this one out and sell it to get the next iteration of it. 

We can't wait for our pre-order to come in and to share all the goodness we get out of it!