We Put Our Latest Proposal on Facebook Live

We had been wanting to use Facebook LIie more and more, but we just kept waiting. Finally we chose to use it for the first time today and it was during a proposal! 

Wow! Wow! Wow! 

The nerd side of me loved that we were able to post the event to people as it was happening. There was no editing involved and people were able to see it as it was happening. There are a few things that I will want to do for the next time we do it, but that comes with using Facebook Live for the first time ever. 

Here is the quick video that we posted up on our Facebook account: 

Facebook Live is a game changer! Love that we can share things live on the spot and get reaction from people right there. We will see how we do it moving forward, but I know we can put it together for some of our creative shoots going forward.