Wedding flowers: Bridal bouquets... make them huge

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If you are prepping for your wedding, there are a number of different things running through your mind. Creating a huge bridal bouquet should be one of them.


Every bride has to have a bouquet as they walk down the aisle on their wedding day. Everyone has their choice of what flowers that they want to put into that bouquet to make it stand out.

A great way to make that baby pop is to make it huge! Create a giant bouquet. It is something that I have loved seeing lately through pinterest or instagram, but I absolutely love giant bouquets. They just pop and they make for amazing photos.

Go big or go home... right?

Let that thing stand out from the rest. You won't have to carry for very long and when it comes to the bouquet toss, you will be tossing a different set of flowers anyway. Fill that bouquet up and walk down the aisle with an amazing assortment of flowers in your bouquet.

Just go through pinterest right now to see if this is your style.

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