Wedding Photography: You do what you gotta do to get the shot

Sometimes you just do what you gotta do in order to get the shot... even if you are wearing heels. That photo above is of Fiona during one of our wedding shoots and she is working to get the angle that she wanted for the wedding dress. She is standing with one foot on a chair and another foot on the picnic table and she is looking to get that shot. What did I do to help her out? I took a photo to share the moment with her later. Isn't that what I was supposed to do? I did have a camera in my hand/ :)

Be Still Photography_0134

These moments happen with both of us often and there are a number of shots that each of us take of each other during a shoot that shows some of the mess that we do get into.

There was one time when I tried to walk across the marsh of a lake and ended up standing knee deep in mud. I almost lost my shoe that day!! I don't know how many times that I have ended up knee deep in water during a beach shoot. We have never been afraid to get a little dirty in order to get that shot.

Next time I might just help Fiona out when she decides to climb on some tables for a shot. That would be after I take a photo of her first.

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